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Deep DialogSM Audit scores reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your collaborative relationships. Use Deep Dialog to instantly measure and diagnose the health and productivity of all your relationships -- with customers, employees, alliance and network partners, even groups and entire organizations.

Deep Dialog:

  • Measures - The seven Drivers and five Deficits found in every collaborative relationship.
  • Diagnoses - Audit scores by comparing them with scores of thousands of other Audit participants worldwide in our normative database to report in-depth on the audited relationship.
  • Predicts - With proven accuracy the chances for success or failure of the audited collaborative relationship based on the research findings and normative score averages.
  • Improves - By providing specific explanations of the meaning of each Driver and Deficit score plus recommendations for improving each score.

Audit scores, combined with respondents' comments, reveal the essential truths of a relationship. You will quickly know how well people are communicating and collaborating together, and if not, why not.

Want to see Deep Dialog in action? Try the online Audit Demo. In a few short minutes, you can diagnose some of the strengths and weaknesses of one of your critical collaborative business relationships. Receive your scores online in real-time plus recommendations for improvement.

"Deep Dialog Audit scores are highly accurate explainers and predictors of a collaborative relationship’s strengths and weaknesses as well as its chances of success or failure –clear pointers for upgrading a relationship’s health and productivity.”

Howard V. Perlmutter,
Deep Dialog Creator,
Emeritus Professor of Social Architecture & Management of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania