Deep Dialogsm Audit Demo Overview
How does your organization compare with 150+ companies?
How do you compare with 15,000+ global audit participants?
  Find out right now.
(7 questions, 6 minutes)
  • Evaluate a Key Relationship or Project
  • Determine if it is Heading for Success -or Failure
  • Learn Why a Relationship or Project has Succeeded or Failed
Are you building an organizational culture that supports high quality relationships worldwide?

Do you - and your employees, customers, distributors, etc. -- have the willingness and ability to work together, share knowledge and collaborate with geographically dispersed groups, often on complex tasks, inside and outside the enterprise?

Is there an atmosphere of mutual confidence and trust despite differences?

The following is an abbreviated Deep Dialog Audit. After submitting your answers, you will be shown a comparison of your scores with those of executives in the Deep Dialog Normative Database from 150 companies worldwide.

To begin, select from your experience:

  1. A relatively successful relationship or project
  2. A relatively unsuccessful relationship or project

Choose an important relationship, project or current challenge your team, group or entire organization is working on, or has addressed in the past.

For example:

  • Customer relationship
  • Employee group relationship
  • Leadership/employee group relationship
  • Alliance partner relationship
  • Channel/distribution partner network relationship
  • A project team relationship (internal to the team or with another group)
  • Post-merger relationship
  • Cross-cultural relationship

Try the Demo Now

We've developed an online sample of a Deep Dialog Audit. You can complete it in just minutes - and get real-time, online results. This powerful tool lets you sample Deep Dialog and see firsthand how insightful and useful it can be.

Try the Deep Dialog Audit demo now. If you like what you see, take a moment to request a project proposal from GuideStar Research. We'll show you exactly how we can put Deep Dialog to work for your organization today.