Deep Dialogsm: Online Audits, Real-Time Online Reporting
& Benchmark Tracking
"Deep Dialog competencies, values and behaviors within and between organizations will be essential for success in the emerging global civilization of the 21st Century.

Howard V. Perlmutter,
Deep Dialog Creator, Emeritus Professor of Social Architecture & Management of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Deep Dialogsm Audits and assessments measure and diagnose Driver and Deficit levels and patterns. These surveys use a compact, proprietary set of questions that can be easily answered in about five to seven minutes. These measures have been proven to be accurate with thousands of Deep Dialog relationship audits.

Audit scores present an x-ray of the Dialog DNA in your relationship. With Deep Dialog, you get a detailed definition of the quality, health and productivity of your relationship with a given stakeholder group (employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.).

The overall score pattern is an accurate predictor of the quality, productivity and likelihood of success or failure of the relationship. As part of the analysis, your Audit scores are compared with a normative database of senior managers from thousands of companies worldwide plus other large-scale organizational study data as part of the analysis.

Score Patterns Determine Relationship Health
Score pattern analysis determines the overall strengths and weaknesses in a particular relationship. GuideStar Research uses this data to then provide critical guidance on the competency areas that need development in order to upgrade the quality and productivity of your relationship.

Dialog Audits, ongoing relationship assessments, and competency development tracking are an integral part of building successful Deep Dialog relationships and cultures within and between groups and organizations. As an integral part of the audit service, a set of recommendations based on the audit scores is prepared and provided online to guide your efforts in improving scores. GuideStar clients have the benefit of online, real-time access to scores and reports, using our exclusive Online Report Center.

Deep Dialog Strategic Leadership Counseling & Consulting Services
GuideStar provides strategic counsel and guidance on how to create Deep Dialog competencies in your organization, and if desired, how to structure a Deep Dialog Culture.

Deep Dialog counseling, culture and competency development initiatives are designed to build specific shared Deep Dialog values and behaviors in a community comprised of your organization and its primary stakeholders Services include strategic Deep Dialog leadership counseling and development sessions for senior management.

Deep Dialog Leadership Development Sessions & Workshops

Increases in the number of business successes
Reduction in the number and severity of business failures
Greater innovation
Emergence of new competitive advantages
Among the many ways GuideStar Research integrates Deep Dialog into your organization: We provide small group and individual sessions on Deep Dialog strategies, processes, leadership structures and competencies for senior managers and leaders at all levels.

We work with your in-house training group or outside training firms to provide guidance in the customization of workshops and assessments to build Deep Dialog competencies, values and behaviors into your organization.

Deep Dialog Cultures for Success in the 21st Century
Deep Dialog competencies, values and behaviors within and between organizations will be essential for success in the emerging global civilization of the 21st Century.

Dr. Perlmutter has pioneered and developed the basic processes, assessment tools, developmental activities, staff resources and publications to help organizations build and sustain Deep Dialog cultures.

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